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  • The Ultimate Guide to Everglades Photography eBook by Paul Marcellini
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  • Sample Page: Chapter 5 - Dangers and Discomforts
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  • Sample Page: Introduction to the Everglades.

The Ultimate Guide to Everglades Photography eBook by Paul Marcellini

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Product Description

The Ultimate Guide to Everglades Photography by Paul Marcellini is a 43 page, downloadable eBook PDF (31.1 MB).

What’s Inside

Drawing on 6 years of consistent shooting, Paul offers insight into the seasons, locations, landscapes, and wildlife found in the Everglades.

  • Chapter 1 covers locations, giving details as to the best time of day and what subjects can be found.
  • Chapter 2 gives tips on shooting from a water craft.
  • Chapter 3 gives locations and details for lodging and camping nearby.
  • Chapter 4 details preferred clothing.
  • Chapter 5 highlights dangers and discomforts to avoid.

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