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Topaz Labs - Topaz Clarity

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Product Description

The natural way to make your photos more powerful. Topaz Clarity uses intelligent contrast technology to give your photos more punch, completely naturally. Give your photos that extra natural pop.

Do your photos look perfect straight out of the camera?

Ours don’t. If you're like us, photos come out flatter than you’d like. We adjust color and contrast to bring out their true beauty. But the hard part not overdoing it: we want to create a beautiful and striking image that still looks completely realistic.

Topaz Clarity makes this easy. Clarity's micro-contrast technology first studies your image, then lets you adjust contrast in a way that’s best for that specific photo.

If you have a flat photo that lacks contrast or depth, Topaz Clarity will be like a magic pill for your image.

Beautiful photo contrast like you've never seen before.

When was the last time that using the Contrast slider produced a breathtaking image? Chances are, it blew out highlights and crushed shadows in your image instead.

Topaz Clarity is the modern version of the Contrast slider, with better technology and better results. It enhances local contrast, which gives your image crisp details, better tonality, and "sharper" features without losing highlights or shadows.

So how exactly will micro-contrast technology help you make better photos?

Make your photos "pop" in much less time.

Clarity's microcontrast technology emulates a skilled retoucher's method of selectively brightening and darkening parts of your image. Get far better results in far less time.

Get great images without manual dodging and burning and get completely natural and organic results.

Micro-contrast is not edge contrast or sharpness. Even though your photo may appear sharper, it's an entirely different kind of processing. This means that you won't get common sharpening artifacts with Topaz Clarity like you would with similar tools.

No halos or other processing artifacts

Apply contrast exactly where you want it and nowhere that you don't. Clarity includes simple but extremely powerful masking functionality that lets you apply the effect exactly where you want it.

Includes advanced masking module optimized for ease of use.

Get the perfect result in just a few clicks.

Clarity includes a large variety of preset effects that we've curated for many different kinds of images. You're almost guaranteed to find the perfect effect for your photo. (And you can save your own, too!)

Use hundreds of beautiful hand-crafted presets and save your own while using seamlessly in your existing workflow.

Topaz Clarity isn't a standalone software. Instead, it plugs directly into your existing editing software to minimize disruption to your workflow.

Compatible with Photoshop, Lightroom, iPhoto, and more. Requires Photoshop, Lightroom, or another host in Mac OSX 10.6+ or Windows 7+.

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