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  • Topaz Labs - Topaz Lens Effects
  • Topaz Labs - Topaz Lens Effects
  • Topaz Labs - Topaz Lens Effects
  • Topaz Labs - Topaz Lens Effects
  • Topaz Labs - Topaz Lens Effects
  • Topaz Labs - Topaz Lens Effects
  • Topaz Labs - Topaz Lens Effects
  • Topaz Labs - Topaz Lens Effects

Topaz Labs - Topaz Lens Effects

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Product Description

Topaz Lens Effects is designed to give you the power to direct and focus your viewer's eyes where you want them. With Lens Effects, you get advanced technology that realistically simulates the most diverse range of filters, lens and specialty camera effects - all in a single, easy-to-use plug-in that eliminates the need for additional, expensive equipment.

With the integration of the new Smart Brush tool, for simple way to create depth maps, Lens Effects makes it easier than ever to adjust depth-of-field, emphasize your focal point, create beautiful bokeh effects, balance color tone, simulate SLR lenses and have complete creative control of your image after the shot. In addition to photography essentials, Lens Effects also features tools for creating image motion, creative distortions, miniature scenes, toy camera effects and a wide range of other popular effects.

  • 20 effects and over 130 presets for a faster, more creative workflow
  • Quickly generate bokeh, blur, vignettes and lens characteristics
  • Easy selective adjustments with Smart brush & gradient tool
  • Ability to stack presets/effects using the new "Apply" button
  • Separate controls for adjusting background and foreground
  • Enhanced sharpening algorithm
  • 1-click center focus and effect center selection
  • Split-screen preview options for easy comparison; Smart filter compatible

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System Requirements for Windows and Mac:


  • Requires Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Requires at least 1 GB RAM. (2 GB or more recommended)
  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS3-CS5 (32-bit and 64-bit), Photoshop Elements 6-9, PaintShop Pro, Photo Impact and Serif Photo Plus.
  • Compatible with Aperture2 and 3 and Lightroom 2 and 3 via Topaz Fusion Express.
  • Requires Intel-based Mac OS 10.5-10.6.
  • PowerPC processors like G4 or G5 are not supported.
  • Requires at least 1 GB RAM. (2 GB or more recommended)
  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS3-CS5, Photoshop Elements 6-9.
  • Compatible with Aperture2 and 3, iPhoto and Lightroom 2 and 3 via Topaz Fusion Express.

Flexibility After the Shot:
Traditionally, most lens and filter effects are interposed at the time of the shot. However, Topaz Lens Effects extends the functionality beyond your camera, giving you the convenience and flexibility to add any number of filter, lens, hood and specialty enhancements after the shot. This type of control helps simplify your shooting process by simulating the abilities of your camera equipment inside of Photoshop. Lens Effects offers a more effective way to explore the many benefits that traditional lenses and filters offer - in just a click.

The Power of Many in One:
Cameras, lenses and filters are a necessary part of your camera bag. As a photographer, you need an arsenal of capable tools that will not only help improve and enhance, but also extend your creative abilities. Now it's easier and faster than ever to achieve selective focus and ensure that your viewers see your image how you envisioned it. The value in digital lens simulation is that you get a wider range of effects and capabilities that offer convenience and flexibility of being applied during post processing.

In addition, there is no degradation to the image which can typically result from glare, lens flare, dirt, dust and lens aberration. Also, by adding your lens and filter effects during post-processing, you eliminate the need for expensive lenses and equipment. Explore some of the creative possibilities achievable with your images using Lens Effects including bokeh, vignette, color filters, graduated N.D., tilt-shift, old school, creative blur, and motion.

Selective Adjustments via Smart Brush:
The new Smart Brush is used to identify relative distance of near to far objects - making it easy to select any focal point within your image and put the emphasis where you want it. With this type of control you can make selective adjustments to the foreground and background of your image. ((Also integrated in the Smart Brush is a Gradient Brush tool and a color picker tool. With the Gradient Brush, you can easily create smooth gradients in your Depth Map by simply brushing (click and drag) across your image. The color picker is a convenient tool which allows you to select the depth value based and paint in any area of the image using that selection.((Once your depth map is created, you can uses it to adjust focal point, depth of field, foreground blur, background blur and blur creaminess. Use the sliders to indicate the effect type, location, strength and transition in your image.

  • When creating bokeh effects you will use the Smart Brush to create depth maps - allowing you to select any focal point within your image and put the emphasis where you want it.
  • Depth Map indicates the relative distance of objects in the image. Nearer objects should be painted in black, middle objects gray and farthest should be painted white.
  • Increase the background blur slider to create the bokeh effect. Then add additional vignette, filter, sharpening, grain, color enhancements or creative effects to focal selection or to background.
All-Inclusive Workflow with Unlimited Customizability:
Topaz Lens Effects introduces a variety of new features designed for convenience and to help streamline your workflow.
  • Lens Effects includes 20 camera, filter and lens effects and over 100 preset that can be combined countless ways for a wide range of creative effects.
  • Lens Effects introduce a new category called Effects which helps to manage your presets, organizing them by camera, filter and lens type.
  • Using the new "Apply" button, you can even apply multiple effects and presets during the same work session - without having to leave the program and relaunch.
  • Integrates basic adjustment tools for brightness, highlights, contrast, saturation, color tone, sharpening, grain and more - for a comprehensive workflow.

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