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Better Beamer & Other Flash Extenders

The Better Beamer Flash Extender

Visual Echoes Better Beamer Flash X-tenders extend the distance of your flash range. They also allow for faster refresh rates and reduced battery consumption, creating a better chance of catching action when it happens. It’s lightweight, simple to attach, and conveniently folds flat for packing. Better Beamers are intended for use with focal lengths of 300mm or greater. To use flash off-camera, a flash cord is required to connect the flash to the hotshoe, and a flash bracket system such as Wimberley can support the unit.

“For years, wildlife photographers have been using the Better Beamer Flash Extender in order to increase the output of their external flash units when shooting with telephoto lenses, and for good reason—it’s lightweight, convenient, and effective.” –Greg Downing, Founder & Publisher

Camera Model

Find the right Better Beamer Flash Extender model for your camera. See the Compatibility Chart→

Replacement Lens

Get a FREE replacement lens with the purchase of a Better Beamer Flash Extender ($9.95 value)

Assembly Instructions and Tips

Learn how to assemble & get the most out of a Better Beamer with helpful tips from Greg Downing→