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Better Beamer Flash Extender Compatibility Chart


Better Beamer Flash Extender Models

Better Beamer Flash Extenders are used to increase the output of your external flash unit while shooting with a telephoto lens. For many years now, they have been an important tool for camera flash setups used by bird and wildlife photographers all over the globe. Better Beamer Flash Extenders bring out the fine details in a shot, even on a dark subject in the scene! During use, you can also adjust your flash settings and camera’s exposure to darken a light background.

How to Find the Right Size

If your flash unit is not listed below, simply measure the height of your flash head or refer to the flash manual for exact measurements. Then compare the measurement with the dimensions below to determine the right size Better Beamer flash extender for your setup.

For those 1916″ in height, use the FX-1 Better Beamer. For those 1916″, use the FX-2. The FX-1B includes shims to fit units slightly smaller than 1916″.

FX-1 Better Beamer

Nikon SB-24 and SB-28, Canon 430EZ and 199d, Minolta 5200 and 5400, Pentax 5000 AF, and Canon 380 will fit properly with shims included. 

Dimensions: 1916″ (3.81 cm)

FX-2 Better Beamer

Nikon SB-25 and SB-26, Canon 540EZ and 550EX, Sony HVL-F58AM, Sigma EF 500 & Minolta 5600HS (with shims - contact us for shims).

Dimensions: 1¾″ (4.44 cm) narrow ear

FX-1B Better Beamer

Nikon SB-80 and DB-80DX. NOTE: We do not recommend the use of the Better Beamer with the Nikon SB-50 due to problems with rigidity. 

Dimensions: 1½″ (3.81 cm)

FX-3 Better Beamer

Custom fitted to Canon 580EX, 580EX II, 600EX-RT, 600EX, and Nikon SB-700 flash units.

Dimensions: 1¾″ (4.44 cm) wide ear

FX-4 Better Beamer

Custom fitted to Nikon SB600 and SB800.

Dimensions: 1½″ (3.81 cm) wide ear

FX-5 Better Beamer

Custom fitted to Canon 430EX, Canon 430 EXIII.

Dimensions: 1 916″ (3.96 cm) wide ear with added soft shim (contact us for shims)

FX-6 Better Beamer

Custom fitted to Nikon SB900 and Nikon SB-910. Also fits the newer Canon 600 EX IIRT (other Canon 600 flashes should use the FX-3).

Dimensions: 1⅞″ (4.76 cm) wide ear

No Better Beamer Flash Extender has been manufactured for the Canon 420EX flash unit. A number of photographers have been able to make the FX-1B unit work but it has not been approved by the manufacturer for that use.

In addition, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend use of a Better Beamer on the Nikon SB-50 due to problems with rigidity.

What Are Ears?

Ears refer to the part of side arms that wrap around the top and bottom of the flash head to help hold it in place. Narrow ears were made to fit flashes that had straight sides while wider ears were made when flashes started to have curved sides.

Replacement Lenses for Better Beamer Flash Extenders

In the event your lens gets scratched, the light output from the flash extender will decrease and the lens should be replaced. The Better Beamer Flash Extender Replacement Lens fits all models.

And remember, always remove and/or cover the Better Beamer Flash Extender lens when it’s not in use.

Better Beamer Alternative

Harbor Digital Flash Extender

Harbor Digital Flash Extenders are an excellent alternative to the Better Beamer by Visual Echoes, fitting a variety of camera flashes by brands like Canon, Lecia, Lumix, Lumopro, Metz, Minolta, Nikon, Nissan, Olympus, Pentax, Photix Mitros, Promaster, Sigma, Sony, Sunpack, Vivitar, and Yongnuo. See the Harbor Digital Flash Extender Compatibility Chart for a list of compatible camera flash units.