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Wimberley Lens Plate Compatibility and Features



Tripod Head

Your tripod head must have an Arca-Swiss style quick-release clamp (e.g. Arca-Swiss, Kirk, Really Right Stuff, Markins, Acratech, Foba, Studioball) in order to use with Wimberley plates.


Look for your lens on our compatibility chart to find the appropriate plate for your lens. If your lens is not on the list, use the plate pictures and dimensions listed to guide your selection.

Your lens must have a rotation collar and a mounting foot with a ¼″ mounting hole (¼–20 threads). You can convert a ⅜″ hole to a ¼″ hole by using a brass reducer bushing which can be purchased for $3.

Safety Stop

Watch Wimberley’s Safety Stop Video

Watch Wimberley’s safety stop video →

Arca-Swiss Z1 Users
The safety-stop security feature of Wimberley plates does not work when used with the Arca-Swiss “double-decker” clamp (Figure 3). Wimberley recommends replacing the double-decker clamp with the C-10AS modified clamp, or ordering the Z1 ball head without a quick-release clamp and installing the C-10AS, if this safety feature is important to you. Please contact us for details.

Wimberley - Figure 1

Figure 1
Wimberley Clamp

Wimberley’s clamps have channels of a specific depth that go almost to the center. These channels allow a full range of forward and back motion but will not let the plate slip out if the clamp becomes a little loose.

Wimberley - Figure 2

Figure 2
Old-Style Clamp

Fore-aft movement is limited. Without a center channel cut-out, the plate will only move until the stop screw hits the side of the clamp. Wimberley safety stop screws will not work at all if the clamp is over 1.95 inches long.

Wimberley - Figure 3

Figure 3
Arca-Swiss Double-Decker Clamp

The extra cut-out leaves nothing to stop the plate from coming out.


Dual Safety Stops

Wimberley Dual Safety Stops

Safety stops at the front and back of Wimberley plates keep your expensive lens from accidentally slipping out of the quick-release clamp. If you wish to use only one or neither of these stops, simply remove them with the provided hex key.

Arca-Swiss Z1 Users
The safety-stop security feature of Wimberley plates does not work when used with an Arca-Swiss “double-decker” clamp (Figure 3).

Flash Bracket Versatility

Wimberley Versatility

Wimberley plates are designed to accept Really Right Stuff and Kirk flash brackets as well as their own quick-release flash brackets.

Double-Dovetail Cross-Section

Wimberley’s unique double-dovetail design allows you to attach Wimberley quick-release flash brackets to the upper or lower surface of the plate.

Wimberley Dovetail Top or Bottom

Wimberley flash brackets attach to the top or bottom of the plate.

Anti-twist Nubs

Wimberley Anti-Twist Nubs

The P-10, P-20, and P-30 plates have anti-twist nubs at the back of the plate. These help to keep the plate from twisting if it is mounted with only one fastener. The unique dual-nub design (as opposed to a single continuous flange) provides better performance when butted against a curved surface. The P-40 and P-50 plates do not have anti-twist nubs because they should be attached with more than one screw.