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  • The Vanishing Old West - Jerome eBook by Jeff Colburn
  • Sample Page: History of Jerome
  • Sample Page: Introduction
  • Sample Page: The Big Mines

The Vanishing Old West - Jerome eBook by Jeff Colburn

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Product Description

The Vanishing Old West - Jerome by Jeff Colburn is a 75-page, 13 MB downloadable eBook pdf.

The Vanishing Old West - Jerome focuses on Jerome, Arizona, a mining town, turned ghost town, turned artist community. This town, that’s just 0.7 square mile in size, once had 15,000 inhabitants. When the mine closed this number dropped to about 50, then it rebounded to its current population of about 450 people.

This book shows that parts of the Old West still exist. You will see that history is still alive, still around you. Being aware of this can lead to a better understanding of your past, and preservation of those amazing pieces of history that still exist. The photographs in The Vanishing Old West - Jerome will preserve this history for future generations.

Look closely at the photographs in this book, and you will be taken back in time. You will see houses, cars and machinery that are vanishing, or already gone. Gone forever from our world, and never to return. They are victims of time, neglect and Nature’s eternal and Herculean efforts to turn everything to dust.

Don’t wait another moment to experience the wonder and beauty of the Old West. Order The Vanishing Old West - Jerome today, and immerse yourself in one of the most amazing times of our country’s history.

Additional Features

  • There’s a link to a web page where you’ll find seven beautiful wallpapers you can use on your computer. These wallpapers come from the photographs found in The Vanishing Old West - Jerome.
  • The Vanishing Old West - Jerome contains a grid map of Jerome. Check the grid number beside each photograph, and you can see where it was taken. This will let you plan your picture taking when you visit Jerome.

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