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  • Topaz Labs - Topaz DeNoise
  • Topaz Labs - Topaz DeNoise

Topaz Labs - Topaz DeNoise

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Product Description

Topaz DeNoise is a new and highly effective way to remove digital image noise. It utilizes very recent developments in noise reduction technology that focuses on removing the most noise while preserving the most image detail.

The extraordinary noise reduction and detail retention capabilities of Topaz DeNoise help photographers realize their artistic vision without worrying about technical details like image noise.

  • Take clean photos in low lighting
  • Capture fast action without noise
  • Instant virtual lens upgrade
  • Unlock maximum camera potential
  • Intuitive and easy to use

Topaz DeNoise also includes many different presets and the ability to save and create your own presets. Included presets like Raw Normal, sRAW Normal, and JPEG HQ make processing photos more efficient, and many user groups share useful presets and settings with each other.

The automatic noise detection engine in Topaz DeNoise is also useful for batch processing jobs because it automatically adjusts the level of noise reduction as necessary for each individual image.

Please see the Specifications tab below for additional information.

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Take Clean Photos in Low Lighting:
Low-light no-flash photography is notorious for having severe noise problems even with high-end cameras. Topaz DeNoise solves this problem by providing a complete noise elimination solution that still preserves every single detail.

Capture Fast Action Without Noise:
Clearly capturing moving objects requires good timing, quick reflexes, and a fast shutter speed. Because in many cases the fast shutter speed isn't letting in enough light, fast action photography often suffers from high noise levels.

Topaz DeNoise completely eliminates this excessive noise while preserving and in many cases enhancing image detail, enabling photographers the ability to shoot fast and clean.

Instant Virtual Lens Upgrade:
A major advantage that an f/2.8 lens (~$1000) has over an f/5.6 lens (~$150) is that the f/2.8 can use a much larger aperture, allowing it to shoot faster with less noise. In this sense, using Topaz DeNoise instantly upgrades your lens by hundreds of dollars.

Unlock Maximum Camera Potential:
Modern cameras are able to capture digital photos at extremely high ISO ratings. The extraordinary technology in Topaz DeNoise enables photographers to use these images without worrying about noise issues.

Intuitive and Easy to Use:
Topaz DeNoise's supercharged technology works completely under the hood. It automatically detects the correct amount of noise reduction for each image and gives the user a simple control to increase or decrease the amount of reduced noise in the image. Users can quickly tweak this single parameter and see major results.

Additional Details:

  • 16-bit Support
    Topaz DeNoise supports both 8-bit and 16-bit RGB color modes.
  • PS CS4 Compatible
    Topaz DeNoise is fully compatible with the latest Photoshop versions on both Mac and Windows. Topaz DeNoise is also fully compatible with Windows 64-bit Photoshop CS5.
  • Smart Filter
    Topaz DeNoise is a smart filter and supports non-destructive editing by using Photoshop smart objects.
  • Multi-core Optimized
    Topaz DeNoise is completely optimized for computers with multiple CPUs for faster processing.

System Requirements for Windows & Mac:


  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
    (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Adobe Photoshop 7 through CS5, Adobe Photoshop Elements 1-8, or another editor that supports Photoshop plug-ins. These include: Irfanview, PaintShop Pro, etc.


  • Intel-based Mac OS 10.4-10.6. PowerPC processors like G4 or G5 are not supported.
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3-CS5, Adobe Photoshop Elements 6-8. Apple Aperture 2, Lightroom for Mac, and iPhoto now supported.

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