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  • Eclipse® Optic Cleaning Fluid - 0.5 oz bottle (14.7 ml). Perfect for travel!
  • Eclipse® Optic Cleaning Fluid - 2 oz bottle (59.1 ml).
  • 2oz offers 2,400 drops of cleaner
  • 0.5 oz offers 600 drops of cleaner
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Cleaning your digital camera's sensor with Eclipse® and Sensor Swab® Ultra is safe and easy. Clean room manufactured Sensor Swab® Ultra and Eclipse® is the purest cleaning system available. Recommended by major camera manufacturers. Sensor guarantee.

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    Cleaning your digital camera's sensor with Eclipse® and Sensor...

Eclipse Optic Cleaning Fluid

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Product Description

Eclipse® Optic Cleaning Fluid by Photosol is the highest purity lens cleaner available. Eclipse® dries as quickly as it can be applied, and leaves absolutely no residue behind. When used with Sensor Swab® Ultra, Eclipse® is the only recommended cleaner for CCD and CMOS sensor cleaning. When you use Eclipse® Optic Cleaning Fluid with PEC PAD® Lint-Free Cleaning Wipes, Eclipse® is also safe and excellent method of cleaning lenses and filters.

Why You’ll Love Eclipse® Optic Cleaning Fluid

  • Eclipse® is intended for cleaning all digital sensors and critical optics.
  • When used with PEC PAD® Lint-Free Cleaning Wipes, you are able to clean only the section of the lens that is grimy so you can eliminate annoying hazy swirls on the surface.
  • Clean CCD and CMOS sensors with ease.
  • Can also be used to efficiently clean camera lenses and filters.
  • Convenient dropper tip dispenses only the amount you need for cleaning.
  • Available in 2 compact bottle sizes of 0.5 oz (14.7 ml) or 2 oz (59.1 ml).
  • Safe to transport and travel with in your checked or carry-on luggage.

Compatible With

Helpful Accessory

Easily spot dust and dirt during the sensor cleaning process with the DSLR Sensor Loupe - Sensor Check® by Photosol (sold separately). The illuminated camera sensor magnifier features 5x magnifying power, helping you clean up every last bit of dirt and grime.

Traveling or Looking for a Trial Size First?

If you’ll be traveling and are looking for a cleaning kit with a little bit of everything, check out the Digital Survival Kit by Photosol (sold separately). The Digital Survival Kit is also a great way to try out a range of Photosol cleaning products before purchasing them full size.

Quality Guaranteed

Purity and quality of all Photosol products are guaranteed. The NatureScapes Store is an authorized online retailer of Photosol cleaning products.

Please see Specifications tab below for additional information.


How to Clean Using Eclipse® and PEC PAD®

  1. First, dispense several drops of Eclipse® Optic Cleaning Fluid onto a clean, folded PEC PAD® Lint-Free Cleaning Wipe.
  2. Wipe the surface until the entire dirty area has been covered.
  3. Next, slide the pad off the glass at an edge rather than lifting from the center of the surface.
  4. Fold the pad again to expose a clean side and re-wipe the surface as necessary.
  5. If you find streaks remain, use a clean pad and re-wipe again as necessary.
  6. You may need to experiment to get the results you desire. Other lens tissues may not work as well as PEC PAD®s.

PEC PAD®s Are NOT Recommended for Cleaning Sensors

PEC PAD®s are not made from the same materials as Sensor Swab® Ultra. Sensor Swab® Ultra is manufactured and sealed in a clean and sterile environment so the swabs offer ultimate purity.

Photosol does not approve of using PEC PAD®s on sensors and will not warranty the sensor or any camera part from any damage caused by using non-approved products.

How to Clean Digital Sensors Using Eclipse® and Sensor Swab® Ultra

  1. To begin, blow away loose dust with a suitable dust blower or brush.
  2. Dispense several drops of Eclipse® Optic Cleaning Fluid onto a Sensor Swab® Ultra.
  3. With one side of the swab, firmly drag it across the sensor.
  4. Then, repeat in the opposite direction using the clean side of the swab.
  5. Discard the used swab after use.
  6. If necessary, use a new swab to achieve desired results.

Sony DSLT Camera Warning

Do not use ANY product on the translucent mirror of ANY Sony DSLT cameras. Any pressure from any cleaning product is likely to damage it.

While Eclipse® Optic Cleaning Fluid is safe to use with proper cleaning techniques, it can also remove the coating with prolonged cleaning and aggressive pressure. This is due to the pure concentration of methanol in Eclipse®. Aeroclipse® on the other hand, has considerably less methanol to be non-flammable and is safe under all normal circumstances and proper technique.

The NatureScapes Store is an authorized online retailer of Photosol cleaning products.

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