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Product Videos

Digital Sensor Cleaning with Eclipse® 04:19

Cleaning your digital camera's sensor with Eclipse® and Sensor Swab® Ultra is safe and easy. Clean room manufactured Sensor Swab® Ultra and Eclipse® is the purest cleaning system available. Recommended by major camera manufacturers. Sensor guarantee.

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    Cleaning your digital camera's sensor with Eclipse® and Sensor...
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    Cleaning your digital camera's sensor with Aeroclipse® and Sen...

Sensor Swab Ultra

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Product Description

Sensor Swab® Ultra is a specially formulated tool to clean CCD and CMOS sensors as well as other sensitive or difficult to reach optical and imaging surfaces.

Why You’ll Love Sensor Swab® Ultra

  • Sensor Swab® Ultra offers ultimate purity, as the swabs are clean room manufactured and sealed without contamination.
  • More absorbent than other methods.
  • Sensor Swab® Ultra doesn’t shed or leave behind fibers.
  • Sold in packs of 12 swabs.

What Type Should You Get?

  • Type 1 - 20mm width
  • Type 2 - 17mm width
  • Type 3 - 24mm width

Compatible With

Helpful Accessory

Easily spot dust and dirt during the sensor cleaning process with the DSLR Sensor Loupe - Sensor Check® by Photosol (sold separately). The illuminated camera sensor magnifier features 5x magnifying power, helping you clean up every last bit of dirt and grime.

Traveling or Looking for a Trial Size First?

If you’ll be traveling and are looking for a cleaning kit with a little bit of everything, check out the Digital Survival Kit by Photosol (sold separately). The Digital Survival Kit is also a great way to try out a range of Photosol cleaning products before purchasing them full size.

Quality Guaranteed

Purity and quality of all Photosol products are guaranteed. The NatureScapes Store is an authorized online retailer of Photosol cleaning products.

Please see Specifications tab below for additional information.


How to Use Sensor Swab® Ultra

Before using Sensor Swab® Ultra, review your camera manual first to learn how to properly expose the sensor. Be sure your camera battery is fully charged before proceeding and any loose dust and dirt has been blown off with a dust blower or brush. After reviewing your manual and watching the video demo you are ready to clean your sensor.

Cleaning Directions

  1. With one side of the swab, firmly drag it across the sensor.
  2. Repeat in the opposite direction using the clean side of the swab.
  3. Discard the swab after use and repeat with a new swab if necessary.
  4. Release the camera shutter and replace the lens.
  5. Do not remove the swab from the plastic bag until you are ready to use it. Dirt on the swab can scratch the sensor, so always remember to leave in plastic bag and immediately discard the swab after use.

The use of zoom lenses or bellows will increase the amount of contaminants within the sensor area and more frequent cleaning may be needed. When used as directed Sensor Swab® Ultra is easy and safe to use with excellent results!

How-To Guide from Photosol

Cleaning a camera sensor for the first time can be a bit unnerving, especially with understanding how delicate they are. But the truth is, the sensors are not as fragile as you might think. Read Photosol’s helpful guide, How to Use Sensor Swabs® (PDF) for more information.

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